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Firstly, I would like to introduce myself .

My name is Donna Hirst and If you're like me, your dog's past and present have become family member's.

I have grown up with a variety of dog's and small animals within my family, my circle of friends and colleagues.

I have been a active member of the RSPCA since I was 12 years old and donate on a regular basis,

and I have taken part in fund raising

and have even organised my own fund raising events.

I have a great love of all animals big and small and in the past I have worked within a zoo environment, farm and a small animal shelter.

I currently run my business full time and I am available 7 day's a week, all year round.

Here at Lead The Way I can help take some of the guilt and stress away

from leaving your dog at home. So no matter what your reasons are whether it's because

of work, day's out or other obligations, you want your dog taken care of

with the same love and attention you give them.

That's exactly where Lead The Way come in. Because I love pets!

I am reliable, affordable, professional, flexible, and adaptable.

Please read through my Client Testimonials to see for yourself!

I am a independently run business so every time you make a booking

it will be myself that you will be dealing directly with and so therefore

I would be able to automatically confirm your booking.

Also It will be myself that will be walking and forming a bond with your dog.

I offer one to one dog walking on or off lead*

The reason why I offer one to one dog walking is so I can focus on ' your' dog.

Of course if you do have more than one dog within your household

I am more than happy to walk them together.(For a Small extra charge)

Covering A Majority Off The Milton Keynes Area.

I have found that some dog's response is better to one to one walks.

I have a few clients who's dog needs to be kept on a lead for a variety of reasons,

some of which include, the fact they are young puppies and need constant attention,

correction and or reassurance.

Other are walked through a built up area, and or afraid of other dog's,

I even have had quite a few dog's on my books that have just been re homed

so need time to adjust and settle into their new environment.

I am used to using all different types of head collars, harnesses and leads.

I like to think every dog is unique and they all have different needs and personalities

just like us!

Dog's are funny creatures, as they always seem to know when it's 'their time 'as a majority of the dog's I walk seem to sense my arrival, some dog's I can even hear before I see them!!

I love the fact that every hour as I enter one of my clients homes

I receive a warm and friendly welcome. My clients have told me that their dog

starts to prepare themselves for their walk by grabbing their favorite toy, having a stretch and running for a drink of water and then stand to attention at the front door waiting to greet me. 

Client keys are individually coded and when not in use are kept in a secure location.

I am really enjoying working for myself.

It's hard work as I have to keep myself motivated and focused,

think of new places to advertise,

manage my books and most importantly walk all my client's dog's! 

Initially I insist on a face to face meeting

 to interact with your dog in his/her own environment.

I am more than happy to spend up to a hour bonding with your dog

and becoming acquainted with you.

The initial consultation is free of charge.

*Walks off lead are only for dogs with good recall and are friendly towards other dogs/people we might come across out on our walk together.

Dog Walking & House Sitters Liability Cover

through Simply business public Liability : £1,000,000

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